Demountable Modular Partition Wall

Demountable Modular Partition Wall Technical Features

The demountable modular partition wall system width is 80mm. As the name suggests, it is easier to change place and position in this partition wall system, which is established modularly when comparing it to other partition wall systems. Thanks to the corner connector columns, the system can carry itself, so it does not require installation on the floor. In this way, installation can be made without drilling the floor. It is also a system suitable for low separation.

Since it is possible to carry installations inside, you can easily move data, network, electrical installations to the points you want in your offices. Glass, wood, the fabric can be used as a coating. For environments where sound insulation is desired, rock wool is covered in a demountable modular partition wall system, and the ideal insulation is provided when used with acoustic fabric. In glass profiles, the privacy of the inside can be ensured with the double-glass micro blinds that can be mounted inside, while the outside environment can be seen.

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