Maxi Glass

Maxi Glass Partition Technical Features

Maxi Glass profile width is 30mm, and the height is 35mm in the system where the profile is not applied to the glass to glass vertically. In this way, the minimum profile & maximum glass appearance is obtained. Maximum transparency and brightness in offices are possible in this system. Besides, special foil applications on glasses are also potential to give buildings an elegant visual in offices. Maxi Glass Partition Office Wall Systems are also preferred for meeting rooms with matte glass or matte foil preferences.

Maxi Glass profile is applied with 4 + 4 = 8mm and 5 + 5 = 10mm Laminated or 10mm Tempered glasses. In the system, which we can prefer in low separation, private working areas can be created in open offices. Double-sided tape or special polycarbonate laths are used in the glass joints of this system. In this way, minimum detail is created between the glass joints. When it is desired to be disassembled again, it can be disassembled without damage and installed in another area.

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