Photocell Doors

Photocell Doors

Photocell doors, which are used both at entrances to companies and between departments, create a modern appearance and stand out with their long-lasting use.

There can be radar at the entrances and exits, as well as the password panel, hand sensor, and card system.

It can be applied in different ways according to the width of the area to be mounted.

Photocell automatic sliding doors:They are suitable for office, retail environments, hospitals, airports, and residential entrances. They are compact, durable, energy-saving products that provide security and safety options, including anti-theft, emergency exit, and fire features.

Telescopic photocell doors:They are used to gain more space and create a wider door opening in narrow spaces. Thanks to the continuous control of the door system’s closing force, maximum operational safety is obtained. Telescopic doors that open on one side consist of 3 wings. One of them is fixed-wing (or wall), and the other two wings are movable. (Elevator doors example) It consists of 2 wings that slide on each other.

Manette doors:Manette doors are the type of doors that do not have an aluminum frame and only the glass moves. It is frequently preferred in hospitals and offices.

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