Glass Partition Wall Systems

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Maxi Glass

Maxi Glass System thickness is 25 mm, height is 30 mm, and aluminum ceiling & floor profiles are used inside the maxi glass wall system.İnceleyin »
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Frame Glass Partition System thickness is 40 mm, height is 30 mm, and aluminum ceiling & floor profiles are used inside the frame glass wall system. İnceleyin »

Glass Partition

As Lina Office Partition Systems, we promise the best results at affordable prices to our customers who want to have a glass office partition in Istanbul.

We present affordable office partitions per square meter basis.

You can get a modern office with glass partition systems.

Glass partition systems are generally used to divide large offices into small rooms or special pieces.

Frame Glass Office Partition Systems Prices 675 TL
Maxi Glass Partition Prices 650 TL
Partition Wall Standard Prices 490 TL
Jalousie Office Partition Panel Prices 615 TL
Glass to Glass Office Partition Panel Prices 475 TL
Prices are square meter prices excluding doors. There may be changes in accordance with exchange rates and material prices. Please request an offer to learn the current prices.

Office Glass Partition Systems

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As Lina Office Systems, we offer glass office design with two different options. In addition to office partition systems that can be made with tempered glass, we also have blinds options.

Glass partition systems are often used for offices. It is a good option for dividing large areas for different purposes.

  1. Office partition systems prices are given according to square meters.
  2. Prices vary depending on the type of glass used.
  3. Prices vary depending on the door options to be used in the glass room partition.
  4. Square meter prices vary according to the size of the area specified in the project.
  5. Glass partition m2 prices vary between 450tl and 750tl.

Jalousie Glass Partition

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Lina glass partition office systems include blinds glass partition option. Office partition system with blinds is a highly preferred model.